Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open Letter to Greg LeMond

Greg ,
When you speak with Stephano B. on Eurosport TV at the finish line of  " Le Tour " , most of what you impart is drowned out by the "EuroSport Translator "! They report their version of your words , but it does not carry the essence and Passion of your thoughts !  Both you and Stefano are trying to help the audience enjoy " Le Tour " , yet you come across as background noise to the Germaqn/ Italian / French translators .  Even the Racers that you Guest interview are reduced to this background noise . Most in Europe that have access to EuroSport TV are Bi Lingual , thus YOUR Voice should be dominant rather than
that of the stand in ?

Early in this Edition of Le Tour , i sent these " Placards " via Twitter , hoping that EuroSport would choose to remind the WorldWide audiences that Cyclists DESERVE Safety as vehicles pass them on the road . It matters little to me whether you choose to use Mine , or adapt them , to remind ALL that Cyclists are Vulnerable when being passed on the road .

When presenting the " Placard " adapted to the " Tirreno-Adriatico Event " , to Chris Horner at the start area in Mid March , he was jovial /amused at my efforts , yet weeks later he was the Victim of just this type of Traffic Violence . Tyler Farrer has a Father , a respected Surgeon , now in a Wheelchair due to Traffic Violence . Peter Stetina retired from a Grand Tour due to a relative being the Victim of Traffic Violence . You will have knowledge of so many ,Former Colleagues , Family & Friends , that have suffered in many ways from Traffic Violence .

Greg YOU are described as " EuroSport Cycling Ambassador " yet has there been ANY Occasion , where you have mentioned " Safe Cycling Pass " or the 3ft Rule that many US States have recently passed into their Traffic Laws ?

YES , Cycling Manufacturers do not want the " Downside of Cycling " to be highlighted , look at how much controversy was created when Contador hit a " Pothole / Road Surface defect . Now it is clearer that Racers are also subject to this common problem on the Roads . Most Motorists fail to understand that Cyclists need to avoid Road defects , so much easier to spot on the Bike , than from behind the wheel of a Vehicle . May i also remind you that the Founder of the " Willier Bike Co. " was the Victim , on a Sunday Ride , of Traffic Violence !

Vehicle Drivers these days , tend to think that they are allowed to drive above " Posted Speed Limits " , as close as metres to the Vehicle in  front of them and pass Cyclists within Millimetres , then plead " It's NOT My fault " when they send the Cyclist to Hospital , if not to the Morgue !

Should you wish to ASSIST " Cycling Safety " take a look at the following Websites :

 USA  https://www.facebook.com/LookSaveALifeArizona?ref=stream

 Aus    https://www.facebook.com/amygillettfoundation

 GB     https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopkillingcyclists/1464580850459489/?notif_t=group_comment_reply

So many others that could be included !

They All DESERVE recognition , since they are trying to remind ALL , that Cycling / Cyclists deserve better than Vehicle Driver IGNORANCE of Traffic Laws when they are trying to ride from point A to B , whether as Personal Transport , Sport or leisure !

YOU can do as some of the Personalities in the Photos , download the " Placard " and display it for the Media !




Monday, March 24, 2014

Pro Racers attitude to SAFE CYCLING !

Days after returning to Sunny & Summery Austria , i find myself looking out the window for the second day, as sleet falls on the local roads . Since this is after all , the Austrian Mountains that is on the cusp of Spring , thus the current weather should come as no surprise . This winter i have lost a few days to wet roads and with the lack of snow only managed 2 days of Ski Touring in december and a day in January . Having spent the past 2 weeks on the bike covering several thousand kilometres in summery conditions , even in the mountainous Italian regions of the Tirreno-Adriatico ProWorld Cycle Race , i guess a break off the bike will be welcome ? Sunday was continous sleet , but today looks like an afternoon ride will be possible after a light lunch . The temperature will be nothing like the Saturday summery ride in short sleeves and bib shorts where several groups of Race Bike Riders ventured out dressed for Winter .

During the time i spent at the Tirreno-Adriatico ProWorld Cycle Race , we were treated to 20C+ sunny conditions throughout the week . Even my trip , starting out on the Monday morning from Kufstein area , was warm throughout , as i passed through Tirol & St Anton to Felkirch for the night , then onto Torino and the Hospitality of Riccardo and his Family for Tuesday Night . Wednesday was down to the Coast to pass through Genoa and onto Livorno so as to join the T-A route as it arrived in Cechina . With meeting the Major ( Mayor of Commune ) i was able to utilise the Commune Resources to print many copies of the placards that you see here .

With these " placards " i was able to give the Teams , either the Italian or french Version , if not both ! It was also possible to speak to individual Racers , some of whom should know better than to turn down a simple request , right Cadel ? Even though Cycling within metres of the Major and thus demonstrating that he supported " SAFE CYCLING " , it appears a step TOO HARD !

With many Pro Racers lost in Road Training Incidents in recent months , the lack of  EMPATHY for Cyclists in general is demonstrated by the lack of mention in the Facebook Wall of those Racers attending the Tirreno-Adriatico Race . That their Support Staff told me , that their Teams had been shown the Placards is not in doubt , even coming face to face with Mark Cavendish , Alex Dowsett , Alberto Contador and many other Racers , seems to have produced NO RESULTS ?

Did not get to speak with Brad Wiggins , but there is a Guy who has personal experience of BAD DRIVING !  As a reward for winning the " Le Tour " in 2012 and the Olympic Time trial at London 2012 , a neighbour skittled him , thus sending him to an overnight stay in Hospital . Guess it was not him that hollered at me with an English accent , as i stood in L'Aquila , showing the Italian Language Placard , " What a F##ing Idiot "?

Francesco Moser & Mario Cippolini are two of the former racers that took a copy that they put in their pocket , others such as RAI TV Sport broadcast on TV or added photos into their websites , so i guess that there was a result ?  WHAT is it about PRO RACERS that makes it too hard for them to remind their "Fans" , that they care for their well being ?

" UCI " are the controlling Body for Pro Cycle Racing , thus SHOULD be the body that works to coordinate the Cycling Safety Org.s that have sprung up in so many Cities and Countries throughout the World ! These Tweets demonstrate my efforts to encourage their efforts :

  "  UCI UMBRELLA ORG. 4 Safe Cycling UP then POWER OUTPUT! M/while ProRacers DIE due BAD Driving!

This was in response to a tweet on his personal Cycling efforts .

More Tweets were sent to involve " Amy Gillett Fdn " , which i have for years been encouraging to ACT in the International Arena  , which would not be too difficult since so many Oz Cyclists have European Roots ?


This last Tweet was in response to that of Anna Meares trying to encourage MORE people to sign onto the  " Amy Gillett Fdn/ Tasmanian Petition " , created after the Death in late December of a Tasmanian Rower out on his Bike , cross training .

Here is what i sent out as a comment on my thoughts of Involving UCI in an UMBRELLA Org. :

  "  Here is my comment elsewhere , about what actions i think can help to change aggresive driver attitudes towards Cyclists :

  "  Whilst the Authorities offer " Info Ads " to the General Public , there are Several WAYS Cyclists can help themselves !

1/  Acknowledging GOOD Driving Behaviours . ( More follows )

2/  Active advice to Employers of Eratic Driving Behaviours (see below )

3/  Umbrella Org Activities ( Notes )

Explanatory notes :

1/  Since the UCI Presidential Election and before September 2013 , i have been asking for an International UMBRELLA Cycling Safety Organisation ! In past years i had asked " Amy Gillett Fdn " to step up their activities and work with the " London Times , Cities fit for Cycling Campaign " , but to NO AVAIL ! Seems everybody likes to play in their own backyard ?  Fact is there are TOO MANY Egos out there , some will acknowledge the ideas of others and will add them to their Campaign , others will indulge in " Personality spats " , but whilst this goes on , the SAFETY of CYCLISTS remains at risk !

    I as a Cyclist , do not care WHO is TOP DOG , I DO CARE about the MESSAGE being UNIVERSAL ! When World Politicians see that there is COLLECTIVE Action , where THEIR Shortcomings will be seen as NOT A LOCAL ISSUE , but part of the REAL WORLD , they will stop thinking of " Militant Cyclists " as a cross to bear whilst they get on with their REAL WORK . As a lone English Speaking Cyclist in Tirol , Austria , i get far more attention than the local Cyclists ! When you realise they accept whatever , but i voice my complaints when they occur, you can see that there are those who groan whever i address them . Whether other Cyclists appreciate my efforts , matters not . What counts is that i can ride my bike without having to worry about " Punishment passes " , because that will mean a repeat visit to the offender or their employer .

2/  Over the past years i have come to know where the Trucking Depots are located . Many Bike Rides have been interupted by a case of " Bad Driving " , due to me following the offender , either to their Depot or their lient Premises . There i seek the Manager/CEO and explain what has taken place . I offer the choice of either call the Vehicle Owner or call the Polizei . Of course i prefer the client to understand that the Vehicle Owner is prefered since it reminds them that their Drivers could be in the same situation on another occasion ! Todate i have ONLY once been asked to leave the premises , only twice have the Polizei been asked to attend , once at the insistance of the Truck Operator . Generally the Manager listens to my explanation , agrees that there is Grievance and in many cases not only calls the Employer but states to the driver that they will not be welcome on the premises , if they choose to repeat this behaviour . Many not only remind the driver that the vehicle displays " Ads " which reflect     their Employer but also the Client .  With this in mind they generally state that the Driver's behaviour reflects BADLY on the Companies and hope that their colleagues DRIVE with more thought for their Employer !  On one occasion the river was Carpeted and told that HAD he caused Death , then the Speaker could have been liable for a " Corporate Manslaughter Charge "!  Many Drivers are not only effusive in their apology , but in the weeks following will flash their lights and give a friendly wave as they pass going in the opposite direction . One Water Suppier Company's drivers well not only complete the , Ease , Wait , Signal , Wide Pass , Signal return to lane sequence , but also flash the " Hazard lights " after the pass when they see me salute ( touch of Helmet ) !

3/  My thoughts in respect of an Int.UMBRELLA Org were initially directed to the UCI !  With Pro Racers using the roads on a daily basis for their training and the " Shamateur " aping their activity , it seemed that a " Code of Conduct in respect of Acknowledging Good Driving " would be a GOOD Starting point for encouraging better relations on the roads !  UCI should be able to dictate to Professional Cyclists that they ACT as Ambassadors for Cycling ! Since the common Cyclist looks to them for Inspiration , they will quickly adopt their behaviours ? What UCI should ask of National Cyclig Federations is Compliance with this " Code of Conduct "!  Any Pro Cyclist is required to train in their Team Colours , they are required to OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS ! YES , some RLJ , ignore " Give way signs , etc , so this has to stop , NOW ! When passed by traffic in a SAFE Manner , they should touch their helmet in a respectful way , so that the Vehicle driver sees that their GOOD Behaviour is recognised/appreciated ! When training in a Group , i have yet to see anything other than the 2 by 2 , thus , if outsiders jump on the back they should be warned to obey this OR DEPART !

UCI having adopted the " Code of Conduct " should then advise the National Fed.s to contact ALL Trucking/Bus associations explaining the Policy/Code , thus asking those Assoc. Members to advise their following , that this is a 2 way street , in that the Drivers can expect Respect for Good Behaviours and reports of detrimental behaviours !

How many MORE Pro Racers have to DIE , before UCI ACTS ?

AND YES , they should be thinking of the ordinary Cyclists also!

Long winded ?

NO !

There is so much more that can be done !

ROME was not built in a DAY !

Not wishing to HURRY such an august body , such as the UCI , but since the CEO of Amy Gillett Fdn is the VP_Cycling , the near 5 months since i suggested they treat this as a matter of URGENCY , suggests that the DEATH of Pro Racers , is a blip on the horizon ? I am sure that Tracey Gaudry has made efforts to have this matter handled in a more Timely Manner , BUT ; if they can throw CHF3Million at the resolution of the Mc Quaid Era , then a few drops in the bucket , to SAVE CYCLIST LIVES will be money WELL SPENT !

The sun has broken through so away i go



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

VINE answers Clarkson ! 2 Jeremys that Cycle .

IMPATIENT Clarkson , who recently took to Cycling ,

demonstrated with Twitter , his inability to treat his fellow Cyclists with RESPECT ! Not only did he convey his Impatience , whilst following a Cyclists , he forgot some of the Cycling " Rules " , he should have learned , when he took up Cycling earlier in 2013 ?

Having VORIFEROUSLY denigrated Cyclists over the years in the Media , it came out that he is using a Bike to get around the neighbourhood in which he lives , Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire . Having Cycled in that neighbourhood in the late 1990s to late 2000s i am familiar with that area . Full of lanes it is a joy for the early rider , being outside of Oxford and with gentle hills . Many Sunday Group/Club rides into that area and Burford result in an easy 100km result .

London is no JOY to ride on a bike , but it is even worse when those " Bignoting " themselves , choose to HARASS a Cyclist , particularly those that use the bike as a means of TRANSPORT ! Parking in London is a Nightmare , if you are not being NICKED for parking infringements , when you do find a " Parking Spot " for an overnight stay , it is likely that you will find the vehicle damaged by Thieves or " keyed" by the bored youngsters of the neighbourhood ?  Even in outer London Suburbs , you          Jeremy Vine
an empty the interior of a vehicle , then find a window smashed for the heck of it ,
never mind the boot " tossed " on the offchance there are items worth souveneering . Back in 1997 i lost a Video Camera , wrapped in sacking that was left in the boot of a car parked outside the residence where i was staying . Even a tour of the " Car boot Sales during the next several weeks , failed to turn up any sign of the lost articles .

Clarkson ( Mr Motor Mouth ) has been a fixture on UK  TV for decades as the presenter of many Motor Oriented series of programmes . With a 2.7Million Twitter following , he has the means to INFLUENCE a large segment of the population . With the intent to demean the CYCLIST , he tweeted with a photo !


 " It's middle of the road point-makers like this who make car drivers so angry about cyclists. pic.twitter.com/4vCcK548t1
— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) January 10, 2014
 It would appear that the vehicle , a 4x4 Chelsea Tractor , was in motion at that time ?  Guess the " UK Road Rules " are meant for those like me , with minimal Twitter followers ? According to those WHO KNOW the UK road rules , he has breached several " UK            Jeremy Clarkson                            Road Rules ", doubt that " Old Bill " will bother to follow up and                                                                   empty his pockets ?

Amongst HIS Following , is another Cyclist , a Radio 2 presenter , to whom i enjoyed listening , when close to a Radio in the period , earlier mentioned . With a cross section of interesting News items each day , it would be hard to get bored with the programme ?

Having seen the Clarkson Tweet @thejeremyvine joined the fray !   He Tweeted : causing a furore :

 I replied to Clarkson: ‘He has every right — you muppet.’

Jeremy's description of the result of his tweet :

  "  This then triggered the Twitter equivalent of a brawl in a Wild West saloon, where anyone within earshot (in Twitter terms, the thousands of people who follow us both) felt free to throw chairs and tables around."

Responses to @thejeremyvine included :

 " User Actions
does the idiot pay road tax?  THE CYCLIST
I doubt it. 1-0 Clarkson

You should have taken him out anyway, there's an ambulance just up ahead to take him to hospital Jezza :)

  1. how does he have ever right??? The Highway Code clearly states that cyclists cycle on the left not MIDDLE!!!

Well those " Tweets " established one thing ! They do NOT think that Cyclists ARE a Vehicle deserving of a place on the road ?  ANY of them heard of " DOORING " ? Being in a car , if a door opens into your vehicle , it will scrape or dent the paint ! A Cyclist being hit by a door will likely cause the Cyclist to be spilled to ther road ! IF you glance away/down at the wrong moment , YOU could be involved in further injuring the CYCLIST !  How would that HELP your day ? Were YOU in a hurry to spend hours with the MET Police , mr Clarkson ?

Amongst Jeremy Vines other Tweets :

In 3 years; 3 accidents caused by drivers; 1 serious injury. Long term; I'd like to live thanks.


  1. Clarkson may only be one man, but he is the voice of millions.
  2. It's weird to have so many angry cyclists following me here. In real life, it's usually the other way round.

FROM this controversy emerged several articles this week , i will lead with the article by Jeremy Vine pf his experiences over 2 years of riding to work . During this period , brought on by wanting to get exercise , other than in a Gym, which he found he rarely used , although paying GBP80/mth , he lost  about 2 Stone ( 12Kg ) !. 

Jeremy Vine , today :

Simon Usborne wrote on Monday :

Peter Walker's article was published on Monday :

John Stevenson revealed the Cyclist's version on Monday :

The Cyclist involved , wrote this article :

Coming out of this " Incident are a few points worth repeating !

Many also responded that the narrowness of the road meant the rider was doing exactly what Bikeability, the Institute of Advanced Motoring and even Transport for London recommend: taking the lane.

.@JeremyClarkson Also, have you never seen this image? From TfL, but just as applicable in the rest of the UK.

Clarkson implied that the rider was making a point because he'd sworn at drivers who tried to overtake him:
Ti be clear, the cyclist I tweeted about earlier rode constantly right in the middle of the lane and hurled abuse at anyone who overtook.

  1. Radio 2 host and (very scared) cyclist JEREMY VINE on the terrors he faces on the road via "COWARD PASS"!
  2. It's the fight you don't want to win via "COWARD PASS" not SPORT! B Safe give Cyclists 1 1/2M SPACE!
  3. One metre is 'commonsense' via Another Cycling CHAMPION worried about "COWARD PASS"! 2011 hit by CAR !

A Timely reminder from @AmyGillettFdn has now caused me to ADD " BULLYING PASS " to my Vocabulary !

Having used " Coward Pass to such effect , @SafeCyclingAustralia created this :

Today they added this :

Who will come up with a " BULLYING PASS "graphic , that will be better than the above ?

Couple of additional Tweets :

Image will appear as a link

This is how London Metro Police hope to save CYCLISTS'LIVES :